Can Texas cease to cherish the memory of those, whose dying words gave a pledge of their devotion to her cause?
                                                                                        -Capt. Jack Shackelford, Survivor of the Goliad Massacre





I'm not just a “born and raised” Texan.  I’ve had a lifelong passion for Texas history which was sparked from our family connection to it.  My ancestor came to Texas riding next to Jim Bowie, and participated in all of the battles leading up to the Alamo.  Had he not been sent out of that fortress before the siege began, I wouldn't be here to write this today.  It was my grandmother who made me realize how special Texas history is.  As a collector of early Texas books and narratives by the people who came to this state when it was very young, I enjoy absorbing the accounts of the events that helped form Texas into what it is today, both good and bad.  I then condense and paraphrase them into the short stories for this website.  

As a Texas woodworker and wet plate collodion photographer, I enjoy creating artistic pieces and images using materials that have a special connection to a person or place.  I've connected my own love of Texas history to my love of woodworking and photography in a way that I can share with others.

"TCavness Chemical Photography" is my art of capturing wet plate collodion images.  I use this 19th century process to reduce chemistry into a one of a kind metallic silver image.  I capture these images at historical locations just as they would have in the early days of Texas, but I also enjoy creating unique portraits of individuals and architectural subjects.



"Texas Story Pens" is where I blend my passions by creating unique handmade writing pens from natural materials collected at locations where historical events in Texas actually took place, and connect them with the story of what happened there.


All are handmade pieces of visual and functional art for our future, while at the same time, holding onto our past.


                                                                                                       Thomas Cavness




Special note on the materials used in the making of my Pens-

 Each pen is created using organic material that I've collected from the ground, and never from live trees or historic structures.  I'm a supporter of our State Parks, and don't collect any material from the grounds of any State Historic Parks.  But I DO try to pick up as much of the trash as possible that others have left!

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