"Shooting collodion is a high-wire act of photography."


Using the 19th century process of "wet plate collodion," you don't TAKE a picture...you MAKE a picture.
It's a slow process which must be executed quickly, and can have more to do with what you feel, than what you see.

The Round Rock
Round Rock Water Tower in collodion
The "Round Rock" and the water tower - Round Rock, TX (2019)

“…an extraordinary combination of pure science, pure witchcraft, and wishful thinking.”   Ansel Adams, 1948

You...in a different light

Windmills tintype
The Traveling Cowboy Tub
"The Traveling Cowboy Tub" #4  (Soldier's Waterhole- Brady Texas- 2020)
"The Traveling Cowboy Tub" #5.  The Newlyweds  (Brushy Creek, Round Rock Texas- 2020)
The Traveling Cowboy Tub tintype
"The Traveling Cowboy Tub" #1  San Gabriel River (Georgetown- 2020)
The Traveling Cowboy Tub tintype
"The Traveling Cowboy Tub" #3 at the Llano River (Castell Texas- 2020)
Her, watching you watching her watching you! "The Traveling Cowboy Tub" #6  (Georgetown- Oct. 2020)
TCT 7-Blanco.jpg
"The Traveling Cowboy Tub" #7  (Blanco River, Blanco State Park, Nov, 2020)
Independence Tree-300.jpg
"The old oak tree wanted into the The Traveling Cowboy Tub" #8-  A 5 x 7 Glass Ambrotype (Independence Texas, Dec. 2020)
Snowy Roofs in the Deep Freeze- A wet 5 x 7 tintype thrown into the snow (Feb. 2021)
Blanco biker.jpg
Graduate 2020 tintype
Senior 2020- Waist deep in a pandemic! (2020)
Blanco girls.jpg
Rob in a flag-300.jpg
Lonnie H-300-2.jpg
A Rider at Mankins Crossing on the San Gabriel- (2020)
Mask Man.jpg
"...and he found a mask in the river."(Georgetown- 2020)
The Hunter- Georgetown (2020)
Herb Garden 1-300.jpg
The Gardener (2019)
Little Longhorn Colored Plus+.jpg
Colorized Collodion Tintype,  Austin, TX (2019)
Freshman 2nd Semester- Georgetown (Jan 2021)
Little Longhorn 3-BarberShop 300 dpi.jpg
SanGabriel Spring Trees-orig.jpg
Girls in river-sm.jpg
Best Friends (2019)
River Boys 5x7.jpg
The River Boys- At the Blue Hole in Georgetown TX (2019)
Brannons 5x7.jpg
Seine man-5x7.jpg
The only seine man in the river (2019)
Colleen 5x7.jpg
Wabbit Hunter 5x7.jpg
Robert S-sm.jpg
Monte 5x7.jpg
Scott Walters 300.jpg

"A photograph is a visual record of a specific moment in time.  And then, the length of time the photograph itself can exist."

Silver images can last for centuries

Texas Places

San Jac Texians Camp Colored 300 dpi.jpg
San Jacinto- Camp location of the Army of Texas - Colorized tintype (2019)
San Gabriel bank fishing-300.jpg
San Gabriel Dam- Georgetown, Tx (April (Quarantine) 2020)
River tree iPic-300.jpg
San Gabriel Country Club dam-300.jpg
San Gabriel walk bridge-300.jpg
San Gabriel Dam- Georgetown, Tx (April (Quarantine) 2020)
Jonah shack-300.jpg
Near Jonah Texas (2020)
Grace Heritage Chapel - Georgetown Texas (2020)
The Observatory at Southwestern Univ.- Georgetown, Tx (2020)
The square-West-300.jpg
West side of the Square- Georgetown, Tx (Quarantine- 2020)
Used Flight Equipment- Liberty Hill, Tx (2020)
A Cottage - Georgetown, Tx (2020)
Foggy morning at San Gabriel springs- Georgetown, Tx (2019)
Old Bed springs- Georgetown, Tx (2020)
A Flippin Flower (2021)
Peach Creek_11-18_edited-1.jpg
McClure-Braches House and the Sam Houston Oak tree,  Gonzales Texas (2018)
Eggleston House,  Gonzales TX (2018)
Presidio La Bahia - Goliad, Texas (2018)
The Alamo- Near Bracketville Texas (2018)
ComeTake Field.jpg
"Come & Take It"  battleground- near Gonzales, Texas (2018)
San Gabriel River Crossing - Georgetown Texas (2019)
Llano Dam 5x7.jpg
Llano River Dam - Llano Texas (2019)
Plum Creek battlefield - Kelly Springs
near Lockhart Texas (2018)
San Gabriel Dam Sm.jpg
San Gabriel River Dam - Georgetown Texas (2018)
Round Rock Labor day-300.jpg
The Round Rock of Round Rock Texas (2020)
Round Rock Falls 2-sm.jpg
Lone Wolf-sm.jpg
Lone Wolf Bridge - San Angelo Texas (2019)
Architecture on the Square - Georgetown Texas (2019)
Courthouse wilco 5x7.jpg
Williamson Co. Courthouse - Georgetown Texas (2019)
The Concho Pearl Icehouse- San Angelo Texas (2019)
Georgetown City Jail -  Georgetown, Texas (2018)
Riley House_visitor.jpg
Riley House Visitor, Georgetown Texas (2018)
cemetery post-sm.jpg
Cemetery Post - Temple Texas (2019)
Wilco Arena3-sm.jpg
Sheriff's Posse Arena  -  Georgetown, Texas (2019)

Texas Things

Louis Miller's  -  Georgetown, Texas (2020)
American design, and the art of fine lines,  Round Rock Texas (August 2020)
Colorized tintype  -  Georgetown, Texas (Quarantine 2020)
Car speaker-300.jpg
Hunts cactus color.jpg
Colorized tintype  -  Georgetown, Texas (2020)
Garden Bed Moon 1.jpg
Moonrise and the Garden Bed (2019)
Great-grandfather's Fiddle - (2018)
Dads Waterfall 300.jpg
Dad's Waterfall- Colorized  tintype, San Marcos Texas (2019)
String is in the Air (2019)
Old Flames-sm.jpg
Old Flames (2019)
Shooting Photography (2019)
Mother dragonslayer 5x7.jpg
Mother Dragonslayer  (2019)
The Mystery Stone of Georgetown  (2019)
Jacks- A pre-electronic entertainment device (2018)
Johnny Rambie's Hat sm.jpg
Texas Hard Hat -  Georgetown, Texas (2018)
Locks of Love - San Angelo (2019)
Civil War Bullets and Domino's (2019)
The solo_sm.jpg
The Solo (2019)
Dad's Branding Iron (2019)

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Lady blue-300.jpg
The Lady in Blue-  8 x 10 ambrotype  San Angelo, April. 2021
B&D Railroad-300.jpg
The B&D Railroad  San Angelo, April. 2021

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